The Blog

The Blog is one of the largest independently-run ‘public law‘ blogs in the UK. Our Editorial Committee is made up of students and early career practitioners. The Blog has three main aims:

(1) To provide commentary and opinions on recent UK case law.

(2) To bring new voices to public law debates, and debate new issues.

(3) To discuss UK public law using simple and accessible terms.

The Editorial Commmittee

Max Shreeve-McGiffen – Chief Editor

Max is a current Bar Course student, and Law Graduate from the University of Oxford and UCL. His core interests include FinTech Regulation and Privacy Law. He has written on cryptocurrency law for the Society of Computers and Law, and has bylines on current legal issues for the Oxford Law Faculty Blog and ECHR Blog. He has recently spent 3 months as a Paralegal at Hassans International, Gibraltar’s largest law firm.

Daniil Ukhorskiy – Assistant Editor for Constitutional and Human Rights Law

Daniil is a graduate of the BA (Jurisprudence) and BCL at the University of Oxford. He is currently working as a Pro Bono Trainee at DLA Piper. He is an aspiring barrister with a particular interest in human rights, public international law, and environmental law.

Alexi Norris – Assistant Editor for Environmental and Data Protection Law

Alexi is a Law ‘Senior Status’ graduate from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), and History graduate from King’s College London. She is an aspiring barrister with a keen interest in Public and Commercial Law; specifically Planning, Environmental, Technology, and Employment Law. She is due to start the Bar Course at the Inns of Court College of Advocacy in January as a Middle Temple Queen Mother Scholar.

Leon Wellstead – Assistant Editor for Technology and Commercial Regulation Law

Leon is a final year LLB student at the University of Exeter, and an aspiring solicitor. He has a background and broad interest in technology (Online Gambling and Gaming Regulation, Data Privacy and Security, AI), and corporate law.

Lavanya Sridhar – Assistant Editor for Administrative and Local Government Law

Lavanya is a LLB graduate from Queen Mary University of London, currently on the Bar Training Course with the Inns of Court College of Advocacy. She has a particular interest in public and administrative law.

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